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My gmail login information is always saved in my computer so whenever I try to to login to gmail from somewhere else like school or work, I always have to try to remember my gmail password. However, most of the times, I end up having to try to guess my password because I am not 100% certain of it. There have also been times when I have had to reset my password or recover it using the gmail recovery password form or the reset option.

I have also simply forgot my password completely for other gmail accounts because I do not only have one, but many of them for different purposes. So, I have developed a couple of ways to remember my passwords without having to go through the same ordeal as always.

Gmail Login:

1- Always carry a USB with a notepad/text file containing your passwords and usernames.

2- Check if your password is being typed correctly by typing it into a notepad and then pasting it into the password textfield on the Gmail login form.

3 – If you simply forgot your Gmail Login information such as your gmail password or gmail username, try resetting or recovering your password by following the steps on this Gmail Login tutorial.


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